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Quick and easy UML diagrams with PlantUML

    UML is a way to represent your software in diagrams. It is powerful and widely used in the industry, but usually takes a long time to do. Let’s change that with PlantUML, the fastest way to make UML diagram

    The 14 Amazon Leadership Principles

    The 14 Amazon Leadership Principles explained

      Amazon has 14 “values”, called the Leadership Principles, that are used every day and drive mechanism on how to solve problems and how to approach new projects. In this article, I will explain all those principles, and what they represent.

      Amazon office

      One day in the life of an Amazon Software Engineer

        I am working as a software engineer at Amazon, in the small country of Luxembourg, since March 2018. I first started as an intern, and after 6 months, I joined a new team as full time employee. I’ve been in this team since then, and here’s what a typical day looks like for me.