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A flock of birds migrating to illustrate database migrations

What are database migrations and why you need them?

    Let’s talk about a better way to manage the schema of your databases, for any project and any programming language: database migrations. With this easy to setup solution, you won’t ever have to update your database by hand!

    The 14 Amazon Leadership Principles

    The 14 Amazon Leadership Principles explained

      Amazon has 14 “values”, called the Leadership Principles, that are used every day and drive mechanism on how to solve problems and how to approach new projects. In this article, I will explain all those principles, and what they represent.

      Amazon office

      One day in the life of an Amazon Software Engineer

        I am working as a software engineer at Amazon, in the small country of Luxembourg, since March 2018. I first started as an intern, and after 6 months, I joined a new team as full time employee. I’ve been in this team since then, and here’s what a typical day looks like for me.

        The proper way to learn as a beginner programmer

          You’ve chosen which language you’re gonna learn, you found a tutorial you like, and you started learning programming! Let’s talk about the mistakes you should avoid, and the ways you can improve your learning experience

          Google Guice

          How to use Guice in a Lambda on AWS for dependency injection

            Despite AWS recommending to use Dagger for dependency injection in your Java lambdas, you might be required to use Guice as your injection framework, for example to port an existing application running somewhere else into a lambda, and without the time to make the change. Let’s see how to do that!

            Top things to learn for beginner programmer

            Beginner programmer, here are the top things to learn

              So you started learning programming a few weeks ago, it’s tough but you like it, and you want to know what are the next steps? This article is for you. I will be going over the few things that are critical for any programmer and that will help you reach the next level.

              Generate a random playing cards deck in any programming language

                There are so many ways to shuffle a deck of playing cards that each time a deck is dealt, it is a new combination that has, most likely, never been seen before by anyone on Earth.
                Let’s see how we can generate a random deck of card for any game you may want to create!